Suspect A Cheating Spouse? Get Proof With Cell Phone Tracker Software

How to know if your spouse is cheating is a hurtful and difficult task. But finding out is only part of the battle. When you suspect a spouse of cheating you torcher yourself everyday wondering if you caused it to happen, especially if you've cheated.

The first thing before you go to find out is to determine if the relationship is worth holding on to. If it isn't why find out just to hurt yourself if you already know the relationship is not worth hanging onto?

However if this is something you really want it will take you and your spouse to work hard to make it work after coming to terms with the infidelity. Maybe there has been a strain in the relationship or maybe you've been taking your spouse for granite which happens to all of us at times.

Why Do People Cheat?

  • Unappreciated
  • Unfulfilled
  • No class
  • They are a Cheater!
My point is there is not a good enough reason for cheating in any relationship but you have to understand how it could have happened. We don't pick the baggage we carry around from seeing bad relationships that make us act adversely in our own.

Knowing that we carry baggage and respond in bad ways can be something we may have to come to terms with and work out together. I wonder how many people think that by paying the bills they are entitled to do what ever they want to out side of the marriage. This is not a new concept.

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

  • Follow spouse
  • Check cell phone and text.
  • Hire a detective.
  • Call Cheaters
  • Call Jerry or Maury
  • Cell phone tracker
Now once you find out that you partner is or is not cheating you may be in a position to apologize if your wrong or forgive if your right and want the relationship. But most importantly be able to walk if they no longer want to be in the relationship. The last thing you want to do after being wronged is go to jail for stalking or disturbing the peace!

How To Move On After Infidelity

Moving on after infidelity will take the both of  you to make this work. You will both have to be commited to fixing the relationship by learning communication skills and learning how to sincerely interact in each others life.

You both can not live together seperately. This doesn't work. A couple need to spend personal time together just like they did in the beginning to show interest.
  • Counselling
  • Forgiveness
  • Planned dates to talk about concerns and idea's.
  • Planned vacations without others to reconnect.
Forgiveness means not using the bad deed to tear down self esteem in a relationship. Doing this will surely tear you relationship apart. You will be surprised how many people have been cheated on and forgave and now live to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

All the jewels in the world could not make a person more cherished than a person that forgave them when they were at their worst. Don't get me wrong some are better off apart if they can't be in a committed relationship but very good people make mistakes, which one are your dealing with?

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