Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cell Phone Software Success Stories

The Boyfriend

Because she is a single mom, young professional Rachael is very careful about the men she dates.  “So, through work, I meet this wonderful guy—Michael.  We start slowly with coffee and then lunch; you know how it goes.  But, I mean this guy is just so nice, so respectful, so sweet and thoughtful.

 We start seeing each other regularly, and then it’s almost every day. All of a sudden, it hits me: all I really know about this guy is his name and his cell phone number.  It’s not like I don’t trust him; he’s a nice guy.  I just want to know more about him.

 I use the reverse phone directory service, find his address and home phone.  Thinking I’ll surprise him when he gets home from work, I call the house. Who answers?  His wife!” Thank goodness for Cell Phone Trackers

The Ex
When Ashleigh broke-up with Travis, the divorce grew bitter and ugly.  Ashleigh was anxious to put as much distance between herself and the soon-to-be-ex husband as she could, but whenever she moved or changed her number, Travis found her and resumed his harassment.

 “I kinda knew that there were directories,” Ashleigh says, “But I didn’t really know how much info they contained or how easy they were to use.  When I learned a little bit more about how people find new phone numbers and use reverse directories, right away I understood how Travis could track me down. 

But I also figured out how to stop him: The directories let you block access to all your information.  With just one request and one fee, you can make all your stuff private.  When I did that, the extra privacy was just enough to discourage Travis.  Eventually, he gave up and moved on.”

Having a cell phone tracker is great when you need it but being able to prevent being tracked by cell phone software is priceless.

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